Becky G Says Playing ‘Power Rangers’ Trini Hold A ‘Lot of Weight’

Becky G Says Playing 'Power Rangers' Trini Hold A 'Lot of Weight'

Everyone loves Trini in The Power Rangers — she stands for ultimate girl power in all of the Power Rangers shows, and we could think of no one better to play her than Becky G .

“The character carries a lot of weight because it’s been played by amazing actresses,” she revealed in a new interview with TeenVogue . “Not only that, but we’re holding people’s childhood dreams in the palms of our hands.”

Becky didn’t change Trini, she’s just telling her origin story.

“I took in consideration the story of the previous Trinis, but also it was kind of easy in a sense because I’m not stepping into anyone else’s shoes other than this Trini, who is this girl in high school that’s lost and kind of figuring herself out…I feel like that’s so relatable because a lot of teenagers go through a lot of different things nowadays.”

“She’s kind of like this loner and kind of owns it, but really just doesn’t want to admit that she doesn’t like being on her own,” she added, “Here she is faced with four other kids who she maybe would’ve never thought she’d kind of cross social paths with.”

Becky adds, “She ends up on an amazing adventure with them and has the first opportunity in her life to have real friends.”

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