‘Power Rangers’ Might Get A Total of 7 Movies!

'Power Rangers' Might Get A Total of 7 Movies!

The new Power Rangers movie opens at midnight tonight, and hopes of a huge opening because they already have plans for 7 movies!

Saban Entertainment founder Haim Saban told Variety that there are plans for five sequels sprouting from this film.

“We already have a six-movie story arc,” he shared.

Seven movies — that’s a ton of movies! Could all the stars — Dacre Montgomery , Ludi Lin , Becky G , Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler — be on board for it?

Either way, CGI is going to be a major factor in all of them.

Haim added, “Today’s young audience is much more sophisticated. Think about movies like Jungle Book and Arrival. The effects are mind-boggling. So does the young audience expect more? You bet they do – and they will have it.”

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