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Horizon Zero Dawn: So würde es auf dem GameBoy aussehen

Das Open World-Spiel Horizon: Zero Dawn kann nicht nur mit einer spannenden Geschichte, sondern auch mit seiner Optik überzeugen. Doch wie sähe der Titel aus, wenn er am Anfang der 90er Jahre für den GameBoy veröffentlicht worden wäre? Die Seite Fakes Forge hat sich dafür etwas einfallen lassen.
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At 50, Dev Bootcamp’s Michael Jay Walker quit his day job to learn coding with kids in their twenties

Companies are increasingly investing in workforce development to retrain their employees, but if you’re in your 50’s, it can be intimidating to learn how to code with a bunch of 20-year-olds.
While most tech coverage is focused on the jobs that are going to be destroyed by automation and artificial intelligence, Michael Jay Walker’s story exemplifies how tech can reinvent… Read More
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Donald Trump Is Dr. Evil On Latest Cover Of New York Daily News

In the past two years, the New York Daily News has portrayed President Donald Trump as nearly every antagonist possible. He has been transformed into the Antichrist , a zombie clown , a pervert , a walking “dead clown ,” a “treasonous” Vladimir Putin sympathizer and a regular old clown .
So it’s only fitting that the tabloid’s Tuesday cover page recast Trump as the bald-headed epitome of evil from the “Austin Powers” film series.
Dr. Evil , that is.
Tomorrow’s front:
-Trump plots to buy votes for health care plan
-2 beeel-yun dollar scheme screws NYC
— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) March 22, 2017
The latest cover refers to Trump’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act , which was enacted during Barack Obama’s tenure as president.
“President Trump, with his Mini-Mes in Congress, has bald-faced scheme to pass Trumpcare at expense of city taxpayers,” text on the cover reads.
Trump’s plot “to buy votes for tr..

New Google Android Taste Test can help you find the “home screen of your dreams”

As of today, Google’s official Android website includes a fun “Taste Test” that takes a few minutes to complete. If you’re in search of a new look for your phone’s home screen, we’d say it’s worth checking this out. In fact, according to Google, you may find the “home screen of your dreams” by taking this test. The test itself is based on images – you’re presented with various looks and options that you must choose by clicking (or tapping, if you’re on your phone). Do you like your colors warm, or cold? Geometric, or organic textures? Patterns, or randomness? You’ll get to choose …
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Samsung to phase out the fingerprint scanner on future handsets?

It happened so quickly. From 2011’s Motorola Atrix to now, we have seen the fingerprint scanner go from a rarity to a feature found on even low priced handsets. At the same time, smartphone owners have had their feelings about the biometric reader go from “what the hell do I need a fingerprint scanner for?” to “I’d be lost without my fingerprint scanner.” Well, maybe that overstates the thinking of device owners, but today’s smartphone user has apparently lost the ability to unlock a device or verify his identification without having his fingerprint scanned.
But now, we could be looking …
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