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LIVE: Watch Trump and Justin Trudeau’s Joint White House Press Conference

On Monday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau met with Donald Trump at the White House and tried to start off on the right foot with the new US president, CNN reports.
The president has already soured relations with Australia and Mexico after spats over the phone and on social media, but Trudeau—whose stance on refugees and trade stand in stark contrast to Trump’s—is under pressure to stay on good terms with the American leader since his threat to renegotiate NAFTA could potentially hurt Canada’s economy.
According to the Associated Press, the two reportedly discussed trade, jobs, and women in the workforce. Earlier Monday afternoon, Trump and Trudeau held a roundtable discussion with some of the countries’ top female business executives to lay the groundwork for a new task force called the United States Canada Council for the Advancement of Women Business Leaders-Female Entrepreneurs. Trump’s daughter Ivanka—who recently had her merchandise pulled from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus,..

How Bob Mortimer Kickstarted the Golden Age of British TV Comedy

Photos by Chris Bethell
“This is the tale of Murray Sterling…” sings Bob Mortimer in a faux-Scottish accent that’s one part Mel Gibson in Braveheart and three parts Groundskeeper Willie. “His 18th birthday was fast approaching, and he knew he must escape the clutches of the island before that date, or he’d be forced to spend the rest of his adult life in the caves ‘neath the island, digging for precious stones to adorn the Laird’s numerous ceremonial capes and bongos.”
I’m listening to Athletico Mince, a podcast co-created and co-hosted by Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson, which from episode one (it’s now on episode 38) derailed immediately from its intended topic of soccer and has since become a bizarre and engrossing world of idle chat, improvised tales and sketches that often prolapse mid-joke. In this odd world, the former England manager Steve McLaren operates as a carpet salesman, drives a clown car, and owns a sensitive yellow snake called Casper who vomits everywhere. In another ..

Love Is a Hoax

In Robert Burton’s lifework, “The Anatomy of Melancholy,” the 17th century author details the many forms of melancholy and our futile attempts to cure it. Within his collection of life’s human ailments and existential tonics, he details love’s many symptoms: “But the symptoms of the mind of lovers are almost infinite, and so diverse that no art can comprehend them; though they be merry sometimes, and rapt beyond themselves for joy, yet most part, love is a plague, a torture, an hell, a bitter-sweet passion at last…”
Love, both an agent of melancholy and its long-practiced treatment, is still studied as such a sickness; some psychologists look at love as a temporary insanity, largely driven by a complex cocktail of hormones, neurobiological processes, and social conditioning.
Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, researches romantic love and its impact on the brain. According to her work, the neurobiological effects of being in love are not dissimilar to the experience of bei..

A Private Prison CEO Is Actually Testifying About a Brutal Assault in His Facility

In May 2012, an Aryan gang jumped eight inmates in an Idaho private prison, stabbing and slashing them with long metal shanks. One man was stabbed 18 times in the head, face, and hands.
Now, after more than four years of litigation, the victims of the attack are hoping to get justice—not against the gang that attacked them, but by suing the private company that ran their prison.
In a trial starting Monday, the inmates are arguing that CoreCivic (formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America), one of the largest private prison companies in the country, cut staff to dangerously low levels in order to maximize their profits. Their prison, the Idaho Correctional Center, was so understaffed at the time of the attack, the inmates say, that guards essentially let violent gangs take over sections of the facility. Prison officials would even ask gang leaders’ permission before moving inmates between cells, they allege.
The vast majority of lawsuits against private prison companies ar..

We Tested Some of the Best Weed Vapes on the Market

Photos by Jake Lewis
This post originally appeared on VICE UK.
Reminder: Unless you live in any of the places where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use, remember: It’s still illegal to smoke it or vape it or consume it in any way.
Long gone are the days in which “vaporizing” meant collecting weed fog in a big plastic bag and desperately trying to inhale it all in one go. These days, there’s a market for high-tech portable weed vapes equipped with features like Bluetooth (for tracking your tokes-per-session PB?) that allow you to just load up a cone and inhale like you would with an e-cig. And considering cannabis vaporizers are thought to actually help with respiratory problems, instead of actively causing them, that’s surely no bad thing.
Of course, this kind of tech comes at a cost. So I got hold of five high-end vaporizers to see which ones are worth the money, with a little expert input from medical user and president of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs, G..

Nick Cannon Says He Will Depart ‘America’s Got Talent’

Nick Cannon says that he is leaving NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” after a falling out with the network over a joke told on a Showtime comedy special. In the special, Cannon told a racially charged joke employing “NBC” as an acronym incorporating a racial slur. In a lengthy Facebook post Monday, Cannon claimed that NBC… Read more »
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Sarah Silverman Heading to Netflix for Stand-Up Special

Netflix has nabbed Sarah Silverman for an all-new stand-up comedy special. Silverman is the latest comedian to head to the streaming giant, following high profile gets like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, whose stand-up specials will stream on Netflix in the near future. Silverman’s special is slated for a global launch May 30 on Netflix. It will… Read more »
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Jack Kilmer to Star in Terrorist Attack Film ‘Violent Delights’

Jack Kilmer and Timur Magomedgadzhiev have come on board to star in the terrorist attack film “Violent Delights.” Rachel Palumbo is making her feature directorial debut from a script by Taylor Laughlin. Her short film “Sapere Aude” was recently picked up by Amazon Studios. “Violent Delights” was unveiled Monday at the Berlin Film Festival by producers… Read more »
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Dreamscape Immersive Wants to Bring Virtual Reality Multiplex to Los Angeles

Dreamscape Immersive, a new Los Angeles-based startup for location-based virtual reality, wants to open a VR Multiplex in Los Angeles this coming September. The facility will use untehered VR headsets to allow consumers to move freely through a space and interact with real and virtual objects as well as with each other. “Today, audiences can see movies in… Read more »
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