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There are many popularly touted tricks for winning roulette, and each comes with benefits. Unfortunately, you’ll notice that each trick also has a drawback – you aren’t guaranteed wins. After all, you’re playing roulette against land-based and online casinos who want to profit.

Every trick in the book is limited by the odds and the casino’s house edge, which tip the odds in their favour. So, regardless of the roulette strategy you use, keep in mind that you can’t beat the edge.

What is the Trick To Win Roulette?

13 Numbers Roulette Trick

The 13 numbers trick is a popular method used by some professional players who use the roulette wheel to pick their bets. According to this trick, you start with zero and take every three numbers on the wheel, like this:


Then, you’ll place one chip on each of these numbers at the start of each round. This method is based on the winning chances being close to zero, and you’ll bet 13 chips to win 36.

Oscar’s Grind Progression System

Positive progression betting systems like Oscar’s Grind are a popular trick used by new players. This trick can be used on American or European roulette tables, though you’ll have better luck on the latter.

Essentially, you’ll bet one unit per turn until you lose, then double your bet and keep going. It’s a simplistic system, but you can expect small returns over time.

Unconventional Trick to Win at Roulette

Everyone’s looking for an edge over the casino, so it’s no surprise that every player has a trick to win roulette. Our experts prefer the tried and tested methods they’ve cultivated over the years, but there are a few worth mentioning.

When we play roulette, we like to use a combination strategy you won’t find on a typical list. While you won’t win every big jackpot, you’ll get enough to keep playing at the table. Here’s how we bet on the roulette table with just $15:

Red/Black – first, put a $5 between red and black on the outside bet portion of the table;Even/Odd – then pop a $5 onto the line between even and odd;Zero – lastly, put the remainder of your bet ($5) on the table on the zero block(s);

Combined, these wagers have better odds of winning than a typical bet on a single number or a handful of numbers.

So, What is the Trick To Win Roulette?

To summarise, the trick to winning roulette is to craft a strategy to suit your budget and stay away from “surefire” tricks. All foolproof strategies have a single guarantee: your bankroll will suffer for it.

Please don’t break the bank while you’re playing; the ball will land where it does, there are no assurances in gambling. Your betting strategy should match your budget so that you can get your advantage over the table without losing it all.

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