What’s The Best Way to Cheat At Roulette?

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According to Albert Einstein, the best way to cheat at roulette is to swipe chips off the table while the dealer is looking away. While his view is slightly cynical, it’s the most accurate representation we know of. Roulette is not easily beaten, and your methods of cheating grow more limited by the day.

Since casinos are now motorising the wheels and watching every move on the table, you can’t cheat that way. Plus, online roulette is even less friendly to cheaters through sophisticated programming. With that said, we have a few tips to prove Einstein wrong on some occasions.

How to Cheat Roulette Tables

How to Cheat Roulette Tables

There are many tried and tested ways to cheat at roulette, including these ingenious methods:

Wheel Modification – one of the oldest tricks in the book is to modify the roulette wheel. Some successful cons have achieved this by shifting the wheel alignment, adding a raised pocket, and making the ball bounce on specific pockets.Magnetic Balls – it’s difficult to manage this trick, but you’re in business if you can switch the balls to magnetic metal. All you need is a magnet in the corresponding pocket for your bet.Bribing Dealers – if you truly want to go old-school, bribe the dealer at the table to spin the wheel at certain points in the game or switch your bets. Many a successful con man has made a fortune with a man on the inside.

How to Cheat Online Roulette

Cheating at online roulette is the trickiest con of them all, and we don’t recommend it. Every online game is controlled by algorithms called random number generators (RNGs). These programs are impossible to hack because there are multiple layers of protocols and other security measures.

We don’t recommend cheating the casinos either because special software will monitor you closely from the second you log in. Since the software is made to track your every bet and how the game performs, there’s no way to cheat.

With that said, we hope that you try to beat the game the right way – through clever betting. Avoid a betting strategy that increases wagers and keep it simple on even money or 3:2 stakes. That way, you can turn a profit without breaking the bank (or casino rules).

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